Week 4 & 5 Weigh In

It’s Friday and I am way late on my weekly update. It’s
been a long week at work and I am starting to get more
tired in the evenings. Which actually is a good thing, it
means that the diet and the cardio is beginning to work.

I lost another pound and a half during week 4. Better than
nothing but I really want to lose at least 2 pounds per week
and would rather be closer to 3 pounds per week.

So here are my changes I made for this current week #5.

1. Increased cardio from 5 days per week to 7 days per week. 
Keeping it at 45 min

2. NO diet changes this week.

My though process was that well it was almost two pounds
last week so if I bump my cardio up a little that should get
me to the magic two pounds per week.

Well week 5 is almost over and I haven’t lost but maybe a
half pound so far….not good. So no matter where I end up
this week I will make the following changes.

(I will come back on Monday and give you the actual
amount lost for this week)

1. Cut my chicken from 8oz per meal to 6 oz per meal

2. Go from two whole eggs to one whole egg at meal #1

3. Increase intensity on Cardio by moving from a level
incline to a 4% incline

Basically what is happening is that my body is adapting
to the new “stresses” I am adding each week much
quicker than I anticipated. There could be a number of
reason why it’s adapting quicker. It could be due to the fact
that I was semi-dieting since the beginning of the year. It
could also be that my body is remembering how things were
the many years ago when I competed regularly. It could also
be that I am getting older (booooo).

A similar thing happened the last time I competed. It took
a tremendous amount of cardio and food manipulation for my
metabolism to kick in. But once it did……it took off and I was
a fat burning machine.

I actually forgot about that until I couldn’t figure out
why I wasn’t losing weight quick enough and decided to
go back and review my notes from my last competition diet.

Sure enough that is what happened, and it all came flooding
back and I now know what I need to do……I still am not
going to make really drastic changes since I am not under
any real time crunch….so let’s see what happens….next week.

Oh yeah……Week 4 total weight loss is 7.6 pounds and if
I can actually squeak out a pound this week it will be 8.6
pounds at the end of week 5.

I know this doesn’t seem like a lot and you may think I
don’t want to diet for 5 weeks and only lose 9 pounds but
just watch it will pick up and I will make up for it in the weeks
to come…….doing a diet this way is priming your body and
metabolism for some serious fat burning.

You could have started out at a much more drastic diet and
even more cardio but I bet by week 5 you would be burned out
and have plateaued without any way to realistically cut more
calories and you would have given up….and you would have
probably cheated on your diet a few times or completely
given up by now…..

Keep watching this will work……see you next time

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