About Thomas Rieke

Hey there…my name is Thomas Rieke and I am an …

Certified Public Accountant
Microsoft Certified Professional in Business Intelligence
Financial System and Database Expert
Weight Loss and Muscle Building Consultant
Contest Preparation and Posing Consultant
National Bodybuilding Competitor
WordPress Website Designer

Wow, what a list. I have never really made a list or thought about all the things that I do and love to do. When you try and define who I am and what I do, it begins to get complicated. I am hard to define and I love a lot of things. The last one on my list is “Artist”.

Yes, I said it. Artist.

If you would have asked me years ago if I ever wanted to be a writer or an artist, I would have given you a big emphatic NO…but now I love to write and I love photography. So dare I say it…I am becoming “Artsy Fartsy”…lol

I like art that is unusual and different and I prefer photography of people. I am sure there is some fancy art name for it, or it could just be “people”. I think people in general are amazingly fascinating and a person can quickly go from simple and boring to emotive and expressive with a simple upward glance of the eyes or the slight shift of their mouth. Let alone an infinite combination of clothing, locations, and lighting that can change the dynamics and mood of a particular shot. And an amazing photographer can capture a split second moment and preserve it forever.

Yep…I have officially become “Artsy Fartsy”…lol

But my one true passion is bodybuilding and everything that it encompasses. Living the lifestyle and helping others with their weight loss goals. I get so excited to help and showcase others in their quest for the perfect physique {whatever that means to them}. Which is why help others with their competition goals, started NCMuscle.com, and recently wrote my book – “Stuck”.

Now that I sit here and think about it, you know, I have always been an artist. I have been a Physique Artist. In my opinion, Bodybuilding is more Art than Sport. We as bodybuilders are similar to a sculptor who works with their clay model and adds a little more clay here and there to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s much the same way we add more muscle to our shoulder’s to make them more round and help our body become more symmetrical. A bodybuilder’s clay just happens to be the food we eat and our chisel is the time spent in the gym.

Every person is a masterpiece. It doesn’t matter what you look like nor what you think you look like. We are all perfect with our imperfections and we are all beautiful. It’s up to each and everyone of us to present and showcase our own perfection and beauty. And that is why I am here — to help you showcase your perfection, whether it be to help you lose weight, sculpt your body, or even just capture the perfect you on film.

What else can I tell you about myself? Let’s see, I live in Winston Salem, North Carolina but grew up in in a very small rural midwest town, Stoutland, Missouri.  I am a former competitive bodybuilder and I am working toward getting back on stage in the spring of 2012.  I have pretty much spent my entire life losing and regaining weight both good (muscle) weight and bad (fat) weight, and unlike most diet and fitness experts I have actually live and struggle with being fat every day.  I have lost and gained weight so many times I have lost count.  I’ve worked with some of the best people around in the business and I really enjoy helping others achieve their goals. I actually love it. I wouldn’t really want to do anything else.